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Bull Elk in Velvet, Pittman ValleyNevills Cataract Boat the Sandra at Lees Ferry, Grand CanyonGrand Canyon from Kaibab PlateauWinter Afternoon Sunlight at the ConesSnowstorm Sunrise, Pittman ValleyGrand Canyon North RimMonsoon Clouds Over Sitgreaves MountainGrand Canyon South Rim in WinterPlunge Pool in North CanyonGrand Canyon Lodge, North RimSP Crater PanoramaPrickly Pear Cactus Blossoms, Northern ArizonaFreya Castle, Grand Canyon North RimGrand Canyon West, North RimVermilion Cliffs Sunset Colors on Colorado River, Lees FerryArizona Monsoon ReflectionFrom the Mogollon Rim, Southern End of the Colorado PlateauLees Ferry: Grand Canyon River Trips BeginSP Crater EveningRigging Up for a Grand Canyon River Trip