Stephen J. Krieg is a longtime landscape and nature photographer, videographer, and writer based in southeast Utah and the Colorado Plateau.


I am a Naturalist by nature. A native of rural western Pennsylvania, I took to the mountains, woods and streams like they were my back yard.

A degree in Forestry (Penn State) gave me the education to begin a career in the Western U.S.: Montana, Colorado, Washington, Oregon. Backpacking excursions in those states plus Wyoming, Alaska, and Arizona resulted.

A summer working in the deep woods of northern Maine and a season as the Mate on a charter fishing boat out of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts round out my fairly colorful set of life experiences.

In northern Arizona I worked for a river rafting company and got to go down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon.

My camera gear is my constant companion. I no longer hunt or trap, because they get in the way of my photography. I have returned to trout fishing, though. I gives me a reason to be outside near the water for hours at a time, temporarily rooted where I can watch the light of the day progress.


My early photographic training made me a darkroom nut. I spent countless hours per day developing film and prints. The print was the prize, the statement.

Nowadays it's all about digital. Freed from the constraints of how much unexposed film is left in the bag, and what the images will look like compared to what my mind's eye saw through the viewfinder, I enjoy wandering even more.

And developing the images: it's the lightroom today. No more breathing toxic chemicals in the dark or by the dim glow of safelights. More freedom.


I think a fan said it best: "Your images are so evocative!". Many of my photos are also said to be rather painterly in appearance. What I do strive for is to bring the feeling of the moment through -- without trendy and heavy handed over-production techniques. Certainly some enhancement is necessary from an artistic point of view, to convey the feeling through a flat image, versus being there outdoors on location.


"I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

— Henry David Thoreau